Amazonliss by Nutree Eco Keratin Hair Mask Review: Before and After

If you’re like me and have naturally coarse, wavy to curly hair, you understand how much work and effort goes into making a straight, sleek look. You also likely know that a brush is your enemy and while the old adage of “brushing your hair 100 strokes each night” for shine, vitality, and the distribution of essential oils, simply doesn’t work. If your hair is frizzy, brushing makes it worse. Thankfully, there are heat-based styling tools, such as blowdryers, hair straightners, and even curling wands that can be used to tame the frizz. Now, women with frizzy hair who want a super-straight style have another option: Eco Keratin Hair Masks! I used Amazonliss by Nutree and the results were fantastic.

Some women chose to have their hair relaxed or permanently straightened. This can be very effective, but can be harsh on the hair. The wonderful thing about using the Nutree Eco Keratin Hair Mask, is that it is healthy for your hair. It coats each strand so it lays flat and your hair reflects a rich, beautiful deep shine.

I did a before and after video so you can see how great my hair looks after the treatment. If your’re looking for a healthy way to straighten your hair that will last for a week or more, I highly recommend Amazonliss Nutree Eco Keratin Hair Mask. You can get it here and even save 15 percent with this coupon code: LOVENUTREE and get15% off.

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