Chippin Brings You Crickets And Silver Carp In Your Dog’s Food And Dog Treats

There’s a new dog food and dog treat in town and you and your pet will love it. Chippin is a company that is not only creating healthy dog products but are ensuring they reduce their carbon footprint (or pawprint) while doing so. Created by Haley Russell, Chippin is owned by a woman and is based on providing sustainable, healthy, and hypoallergenic products for dogs. Haley wanted to ensure that when she shopped for dog food and dog treats, she purchased from a company that held the same level of standard and commitment to quality that she used for her family.

Here is some information based on the company’s release describing the benefits of Chippin dog food and dog treats.

● All of our products consume 80%+ less resources than the status quo options.
● Our proteins (silver carp, cricket, spirulina) are hypoallergenic and scientifically shown to be more digestible than chicken.
● We craft each recipe with board certified veterinary nutritionists and PhDs
● Certified Plastic Neutral! We remove as much plastic from the environment as we use throughout our entire supply chain.
● Carbon Neutral Shipping
● Our farmers are partners we know and trust! We say no to commodity meats from unknown sources and source our humane grade cricket, spirulina and silver carp proteins directly from small to medium sized family farmers and fishers.
● Made in the USA

One thing that sets Chippin apart from the competition is their use of cricket protein. Cricket protein provides many benefits to dogs including being highly digestible, works as a prebiotic to ensure your dog’s gut health is functioning at an optimal level, and is hypoallergenic.

Chippin offers four treats that are not only nutritious and healthy, but are environmentally friendly. Vegan dogs can enjoy Spirulina Dailies treats that are made from carrots, flaxseed, and kale.

With Chippin’s commitment to providing high-quality, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly products, what are you waiting for? Check out Chippin now.

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