Tips For Couponing

When you first begin couponing, you will need to choose whether you are just going to save a few cents or dollars here or there or if you are going to begin extreme couponing.

Regular couponing is often brand-specific and involves people who are content to use one coupon on a full-priced item in order to save a little here or there. This type of couponing is very common, but won’t result in an incredible dent in your budget — though you will save money on individual products.

For regular couponing, the consumer tends to buy a full-priced item and save a bit of money.

Extreme couponing is a bit different. With extreme couponing, the consumer often waits for a product to go on sale — and not just a sale where you save a quarter or 50 cents. Extreme couponing involves waiting for deep sales and then using coupons so you can get the item either free or close to free.

One of the main differences between regular couponing and extreme couponing is timing.

In regular couponing, you might come across a coupon that you know you will use as soon as you clip it — whether you clipped it from a newspaper, magazine or online.

Extreme couponers clip coupons then wait for the store to offer a sale on the item and only use the coupons if the price is going to be extremely low or close to free. This might mean an extreme couponer has clipped a number of coupons that are stored in a coupon binder but are never used because the store didn’t offer a sale.

It’s important to use coupons for products that you are going to use. Sometimes people get so caught up in the hunt of a bargain that they end up buying products they don’t need or won’t use. If you are an extreme couponer and find products available that you won’t use or need, consider giving them to a charity that can use them.

Always judge the value of savings you’ll receive with a coupon. Sometimes, the coupon really doesn’t represent great savings according to the price of the item and whether or not you will use it. There is nothing wrong with letting coupons expire if you can’t use them.

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