What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the unofficial launch of the Christmas shopping season. While it might seem that day is being moved up as many retailers begin advertising for Christmas the day after Halloween, traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving was the launch for Christmas sales backed by big retailers who typically kicked off the season with Santa Claus greeting people at the end of a Thanksgiving parade.

Macy’s was an early retailer who helped Black Friday get its start and Macy’s continues these holiday shopping traditions still.

You may see a video from 1959 of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and see how the event ended with Santa Claus riding in his sleigh, waving to the boys and girls.

How Black Friday Got Its Name

Have you ever heard the phrase “into the red” when a business is sinking and not making any money? It’s an old phrase from when bookkeepers kept tally by hand and would use a red pen to indicate a business’ loss and a black pen to signify profit.

When the business lost money, they would use a red minus sign next to the figure…when the business made a profit it was positive and written in black.

This rolled over so that retailers knew that if they had been in the red, they would get their Christmas sales out, along with their holiday campaigns and advertisements, to bring their books from red to black.

Now, Black Friday is regarded as one of the busiest shopping days of the year and sometimes people have lost sight of the charitable and thankful attitude that Thanksgiving promotes and abandon it all for a television set on sale.

People have been involved in stampedes on Black Friday just to get a good sale.

Though there will always be people who camp out on Black Friday, there are more who are preferring to stay indoors and shop on Cyber Monday.

What do you prefer? Do you shop on Black Friday? Have you ever witnessed outrageous behavior over a sale?

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